Thursday, July 12, 2012

White Bumps on Tonsils, What Are They?

Open your mouth in front of a mirror. By any chance do you see any white bumps on tonsils? They resemble marbles or look like white debris. Are there any? If they are visible, then you have what are called tonsil stones.
Also named tonsilloliths, they are actually left over bacteria that did not get properly processed and remained captured and hidden in the folds of our tonsils. Designed to be the quarantine division of our mouths, the tonsils are suppose to filter all the substances we consume - may they be food, drinks, air, cigars, or even nasal drips. If a person's circulatory system is functioning well, then the unwanted toxins should rightfully proceed to being excreted as waste, sweat or urine. But if you have little or no physical activity, it is highly possible that your blood will not flow properly. Hence, the result would be having contaminants left at the back of your tongue. They then combine with minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are inherent in that area and hence, cause the build-up of these formations.
If you do see bumps then it is best you also observe if you have any of the following conditions. The more manifestations you have, the bigger in size and gravity of your tonsilloliths there are. Watch out for:
--- Frequent bouts of sore throat 
--- Inflammation of the throat or any other throat infection 
--- Pain and difficulty when swallowing or speaking 
--- General feeling of discomfort knowing you has something stuck in your throat? 
--- Inexplicable bouts of coughing 
--- Sudden ear pain 
--- Halitosis

Yes, that's right - infected would be one of the major culprits for having bad breath. If you have been wondering for a long time how come you have undeniably foul smelling air coming out of your mouth that you also taste each and every day, then this may just be the end of your questioning. So, how does one seek eradication of these white bumps on tonsils that are causing damage?
Well, recommended cure varies from minor surgery to drinking warm water with salt. Some brave individuals even try to pluck them out by themselves using a long pin. This is not always advisable especially if you have really sensitive gag reflex. Another known cure though is the non - invasive BUT scientifically proven home remedy that Diane Pullman has discovered. Through her book, "Banish Tonsil Stones," Diane Puttman shares her grueling journey as she finds various ways to cure herself of this disease. She first went to her physician and was told that she would have to go under the knife. Even if it was just a minor procedure, the cost would substantial as well as the three weeks of work she was going to miss to give her time to recuperate. So she set out to find alternative treatment and her secret solution, permanently got rid of the tonsil stones. She says that one must focus on the root cause to eliminate these formations.
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