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How To Stop Bloating: The Four Ultimate Steps To Eliminate Excessive Gas

In this how to stop bloating article, you'll discover the common causes and easy steps with which you can eliminate the pressure and uneasiness. Everyone in this world has experienced the problem with stomach gas at least one time in their lifetime. And for lots of folks, this is a difficulty that creates discomfort on regular basis.
I should note that an answer to a gassy stomach is not the same for everyone, the right approach to this issue is to try several options and see what works the best. These are a few steps you should follow to get rid of stomach gasses:
The First Step - Eliminate Gassy Foods
There are particular foods that can cause issues with indigestion, and that is the main cause of stomach gasses. People who have unbalanced digestive tract will suffer by most processed and refined foods, but abdominal gas can be created by healthy food too.
For instance, high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits are harder to break down, they need even more of your intestinal bacteria to break them down and this additional production can lead to increased levels of abdominal gas, burping and other symptoms.
You should avoid these foods:
* apples 
* peaches 
* beans 
* beets 
* brussels sprout 
* cauliflower 
* dried fruit 
* broccoli

You may already know that gluten and wheat are the kings when it comes to making gassy stomach. In case you have stomach gasses after enjoying gluten, it's possible you have gluten intolerance. You should talk with your doctor for further information.
Gluten is a protein predominantly found in the grains wheat, barley and rye. Lower digestive tract is aggravated by gliadin, and gluten has large volumes of gliadin. The best way to avoid these triggers is to steer clear of food containing gluten.
This is easier to say than to do, because the Western meals are full of food that contains gluten. Because of this, you'll have to use the well known trial and error method to remove foods that create indigestion problems for you. A food journal is a big help in situations such as this one.
Foods that contain gluten - a quick list:
6)bulgar wheat 
9)all bran

Dairy products contain the protein casein and lactose that are also hard to digest. People that have lactose intolerance should stay clear of dairy products because they will have a lot of bloating and discomfort. Nevertheless, this can be alleviated by taking lactase supplements, low lactose foods or a lactose free substitute such as rice milk
Step Two - Take It Easy On The Soda
One of the better methods of how to stop bloating is elimination of soda drinks - anything in can needs to be avoided. There's a lot of sugar within these drinks and this is what makes stomach gas.
Step 3 - Natural Remedies
Herbal remedies have been used for hundreds of years to help alleviate all matter of ailments. Apparently, peppermint tea is particularly good for eliminating intestinal gas.
The peppermint plant is recognized for its menthol taste and smell. But what you probably did not know is that digestive system benefits from menthol, which has a calming, antispasmodic effect. The most popular way to ingest menthol is by drinking peppermint tea.
You should take note that peppermint can increase heartburn and abdominal pain in case you suffer from acid reflux.
Step Four - Boosting Your Friendly Bugs
When you have bacterial imbalance in your digestive tract, you are bound to have some disease. This imbalance appears when your digestive system contains more bad bacteria and less good bacteria.
These friendly bacteria are vital to the health of your digestion. Every time the amount of good bacteria is decreased, there is an imbalance in your digestive system and yeast infections are there to bother you with diarrhea and excessive gas.
This shows us that the key answer to your well being is prebiotics, and not probiotics. In contrast to probiotics, prebiotics occur naturally and are proven to stimulate the creation of good bacteria.
One of the richest sources of prebiotics is the kiwifruit that are contained within its skin, seeds and pulp. Not only that, the skin is also rich in flavonoids - potent antioxidants - that stop the spread of bad bacteria.
For all of you who pondered how to stop bloating, eat 2 kiwifruit a day together with their skin and you'll get the necessary nutrients to reestablish the balance in your digestive tract.

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